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Multitech MT200A2W-H5 Analog PSTN to HSPA+ 3G modem

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Part No.: MT200A2W-H5
Franchise: Multi-tech
Rank: comment rank 5

Price : AUD$544.50 + GST


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Analog PSTN to HSPA+ modem


MultiConnect® AW

Analog-to-Wireless Converter

MultiConnect® AW Benefits 


The MultiConnect® AW MT200A2W-H5 analog-to-wireless converter is a convenient turnkey solution with integrated penta-band HSPA+ 3G modem, V.34/33.6K analog modem and SLIC for PSTN emulation. It supports packet data, circuit switched data and PPP pass-through modes.


By emulating the traditional dial-up PSTN network and using integrated or external cellular modems, the affordable MultiConnect AW MT200A2W-H5 converter gives new life to devices currently using traditional analog dial-up communications. It provided a full setup for all traditional dial up modem applications seamlessly upgrade into a Penta-Band HSPA+ 3G network without a trouble. Simply plug the RJ-11 cable from the existing device into the MultiConnect AW converter, enter a few configuration commands through the RS-232 serial port and you are ready to go.


It is highly suitable for ATMs, Security devices, Medical system which would like to upgrade into Cellular network without a new design




  • - Turnkey solution with integrated cellular modem, V.34/33.6K analog modem and SLIC for PSTN emulation
  • - Supports packet data, circuit-switched data and PPP pass-through modes
  • - RJ-11 port provides dial tone, ring, busy and DTMF detection
  • - Supports analog modem connections from 300 baud to 33.6K bps with error correction and data compression
  •  - Penta-Band HSPA+ modem support 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz network

  • - Serial port configuration
  •  - Cost effective than separately integrate a PSTN modem + a HSPA 3G modem.

  • - External SMA antenna connector
  • - FCC, PTCRB and R&TTE certified
  • - Desktop or panel mounting
  • - Two-year warranty


Target Applications

•        Automated teller machines (ATMs)

•        Home healthcare monitors

•        Security systems

•        Credit card/POS terminals

•        Kiosks

•        Industrial automation/utilities



Data Sheets

MultiConnect® AW MT200A2W-H5    [PDF only]

  •  MultiConnect® AW MT200A2W-H5 [User guide]




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