Sku: SPK-MTCAP-5TBS220-AS923

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Sku: SPK-MTCAP-5TBS220-AS923

LoRaWan Smart Parking experience packages

This is a packages with special price for 5 x Parking sensors, and also 1 x LoRaWan gateway.

It included 1 years suscription servicing in Livesense Server for easier depolyment, so as to make a Testing Experience in Simple and cost effective.

Smart Parking is a not a new Topic in the IoT market.

There are many Smart Parking sensor in the market which is using Zigbee, proprietary RF technolgoies. The problem of those old technologies are short distance, and required a lot of gateway to support a single car park.

By using LoRaWan technologies, Car park management, office manager, and even home user could easily manage their Parking spot in a reasonable distance.

The Key feature requirement for a smart parking sensor is accuracy and short response time, TBS220 single mode Smart parking sensor , and TBS223 Dual mode smart parking sensor delivered a short reporting dela at only 2 second, which provided Instant report to the Car park management portal.


TBS-220 sensor Feature:

  • up to 96% accuracy rate for proper parking event.
  • Single mode Geomagnetic sensor.
  • Simply installation.
  • Small in size: Diameter 150 mm,height 25.5mm



      TBS-223 sensor Feature:

      • Up to 99% accuracy in dual-mode detection mode.
      • Supported 3 different Operation mode to adapted different environment requirement.
      • 20AH battery provided a longer life time.
      • In built Temperature and Humidity sensor
      • Low voltage alarm, disturbance alarm
      • Configurable by BLE with Secured passcode to avoid inattention turn off the device
      • 10 buffer logs to prevent data loss during network issue.
      • Optional mounting base available for non-drilling hole installation.

      Working Principle

      Traditional magnetometer type Smart Parking sensor is using the characteristic of ferromagnetic material in the vehicle frame, which make disturbance to surrounding magnetic field while moving.

      The movement of the vehicle creates a short-range distortion of this field which is measured by the smart parking sensor with a complicated calculation to determine where there is vehicle parked or left. The magnitude of this distortion depends on the type of the ferrous alloy, the size of the object and the distance to the sensor.

      • Microwave Radar module emits wireless modulation wave and receives the reflective signals to determine if the parking spot is occupied and vacant

      Multitech Gateway Selection

      1) MTCAP-LAP3-915-041A

      Lightweight 4G LoRaWan gateway housing in plastic enclosure, it is good for Indoor applications.


      2) MTCDT-LAP3-246A-915-AU

      Ruggedised 4G LoRaWan gateway housing in Metal enclosure, with upgradable card slot, it is good for Indoor/oudoor with extra housing applications.


      3) MTCDTIP-LAP3-266A-915

      Ruggedised Outdoor IP67 graded 4G LoRaWan gateway housing in heavy Metal enclosure, with upgradable card slot, it is good for oudoor applications.

      LiveSense Parking solutions Platform

      Livesense offerred a Cloud based management platform, where User will have their unique ID to lock in to the web portal securely.



      Livesense Online parking portal supported.

      1) Real time status of the Parking spot

      2) Zone setting for different area / Floor with individual zone map

      3) Floor Map / Location Map to display the sensor data including Health status for the sensor information.

      4) Analsysis report generated for the parking event in certain time period.

      5) Alarm setting to alert management if thers is a incident event.


      Video comparion to Other sensor offered in Market


      1. Example of showing the short delay in reporting vs long delay in reporting.

      (click the above link to play if Chrome Browser did not show correct)




       2. Example of showing the error happen in other market sensor with Long parking section

      (click the above link to play if Chrome Browser did not show correct)



      3. Example of showing a common Flip case happen when a long parking section caused by long delay.

      (click the above link to play if Chrome Browser did not show correct)


      LoRaWan Smart Parking experience packages

      Sku: SPK-MTCAP-5TBS220-AS923

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