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Sku: RHF1S052-AU915
Rising HF


Wireless LoRaWAN Water meter with Valve control

RHF1S052 is a LoRaWAN Smart water meter designed by RisingHF. It supports dual- input pulse counter to achieve water meter reading.

RHF1S052 Smart water meter sense meter reading real time, and uplink to LoRaWan server periodically. It also support reading the history data via the downlink command.
The sensor with local data storage offered a backup support for the meter reading in
data management which offered an alternative mean for the database server to
collect the data.

RHF1S052 is designed for Cold /hot/warm water meter which has built-in motor engine to support Valve control and work in LoRaWAN class A or B, to improve the downlink control respond time.



  • Smart water meter
  • Valve control
  • Pulse counting


  • Radio Power up to 21dBm, Receiver sensitivity Down to -137dBm@SF12.
  • Support Global LoRaWAN standard,easy to plug and
  • Internal antenna, 0dBi Peak
  • Support dual battery power supply, one of them will be a backup and switched automatically if the main battery power down. More safe power
  • Dual- input pulse counter to achieve water
  • Strong magnetic field detect and alarm enabled for abnormal
  • Accumulated water metering data uplink periodically, period time can be configured, battery capacity will be reported together with water metering
  • Support downlink read history accumulated water metering
  • Support downlink accumulated water metering data
  • Support downlink valve control, better response time via Class
  • History accumulated metering data stored locally to enable backup data
  • Manual trigger the metering data uplink for field test and
  • Optimized power consumption design, battery life time 10 year for RHF1S051, 8 year for RHF1S052 typical use
  • Operation temperature range: -20 to +85℃.



  • Water medium temperature: 1~50
  • Dry-dial water meter, with no condensation problem
  • Normal Flow rate Q3: 5m3/h
  • Flow ratio Q3/Q1: 100
  • Accuracy: Class2, 5% (Q1~Q2), ≤2% (Q2~Q4)
  • Built-in ball valve for controlling open or close
  • Dual Pulse counter, magnetic
  • Operation pressure: 6Mpa
  • Ingress protection: IP68
  • Installation: horizontal
  • Global LoRaWAN® Standard, easy to deploy: ClassA and Class
  • LoRa communication, long range of
  • Automatic time synchronization with Server
  • Support periodical Metering data report by uplink
  • Support valve control by downlink to Open/Close water
  • High security, Real time device status and alert report by uplink
  • Historical metering data is available as a backup in need.
  • Low power consumption, typical 8 years battery life

LoRaWAN parameter

 Frequency plan

LoRaWAN regional optional: CN470, EU868, ID920, AS923, AU915, US915 ( Requested by order

LoRaWAN Protocol


LoRaWAN Class

Class B (Class A compatibility)

LoRaWAN Activation



Operation conditions 


Ambient temperature: 0.1~85℃

Water medium temperature: 0.1~50℃

Supply voltage

built-in Battery inside, 1.8v~3.6v

Power consumption

Sleep current 12uA, LoRa TX maximum 100mA, LoRa RX 6mA

Battery life time*

Typical 8 years

 Note: * typical use case:

RHF1S052 LoRaWAN transmit water meter data every hour, battery type CR26500


Mechanical Specifications:  


165mm x 86mm x 132.3mm


About 1.55kg

Pipe Size



 Water meter fundamental parameter

Metering accuracy

Class 2, accuracy From Q1 inclusive up to but excluding

Q2 is ± 5%, Above Q2 is ± 2%

Water pressure


Pipe diameter

DN15 inner pipe 15mm

Q4 max rate flow

3.125 m³/h

Q3 normal rate flow

2.5 m³/h

Q2 transition rate flow

0.04 m³/h

Q1 minimal rate flow

0.025 m³/h



IP grade


Metering reading in dial register

0.0000~99999 m³

Digital sensor metering

reading range

0~FFFFFFFF (hexadecimal), Unit: litre (L)

I.e. 0~4294967 m³


 Datasheet:     RHF1S052 Datasheet.pdf   

Documents:    RHF1S052 user guide  

Documents:    RHF1S052 Product specification  

Documents:    RHF1S052 Payload 

Documents:    Payload example explain


RHF1S052 - Wireless LoRaWAN Water meter with Valve control

Sku: RHF1S052-AU915

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