Sku: SRF2I019-100

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Sku: SRF2I019-100

Montana is intended for use with ISM and LoRa® applications. It is a flexible antenna with a cable that enables direct connection to the host PCB giving easy integration with plug and play simplicity. This product specification shows the performance of the antenna to cover a typical dual band ISM from 863 – 928MHz.



  • Antenna for ISM and LoRa® bands (863 – 870MHz and 902 - 928MHz)
  • Maintains high performance within device: DFI (Designed For Integration)
  • 1.13mm diameter RF cable with I-PEX MHF connector  Self-adhesive mounted
  • Quick integration minimizes design cycle
  • High performance 



  • Remote sensors
  • Smart meters
  • Medical devices
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Automotive devices
  • LoRa® Gateway/Routers
  • LoRa® wireless nodes


General Data

Product name  Montana 
Part Number SRF2I019
Frequency 863-928MHz
Polarization Linear
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Environmental condition test  ISO 16750-4 5.1.1 / 5.1.2
Impedance with matching 50 Ω
Weight < 0.5 g
Antenna Assembly type FPC Self-adhesive
Dimensions (Antenna) 232 x pi x 0.15 (mm)
Cable length(mm) 100 (other lengths available)


RF Characteristics

Typical performance Conditions
Peak gain
Average gain
Average efficiency
Maximum return loss
Maximum VSWR
All data measured in a loaded condition adhered to a plastic carrier free space. 



1) ISM Antenna Quick Selection guide

2) SRF2I019-100 specification


SRF2I019-100 - Antenova Montana Flexibale antenna for LoRa 868/915MHz

Sku: SRF2I019-100

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