Sku: MT100UCC-H5

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Sku: MT100UCC-H5

Multi-tech QuickCarrier


Penta band MT100UCC-H5 USB embedded 3G modem     



Embedded USB Cellular Modems


The QuickCarrier™ USB-E embedded USB cellular modems are complete, ready-to-integrate communications devices that offer 2G and 3G cellular connectivity options. These quick-to-market devices combine a network approved cellular SocketModem® and a USB carrier card in one compact design. With its 4-pin USB interface the QuickCarrier USB-E embedded cellular modem cables to an existing device's internal USB port and can be secured using the four mounting holes located at the corners of its printed circuit board. Embedding M2M connectivity into your Windows® or Linux device has never been this quick or this easy.


  • Penta band 3G connectivity
  • Short Message Services (SMS)
  • Drivers for Windows® and Linux
  • Locking 4-pin USB interface, DC Powered by USB
  • UFL antenna connector(s)
  • SIM socket 
  • AT command compatible
  • PTCRB certified and carrier approved
  • Carrier approved
  • Two-year warranty

HSPA+ Models



  • Penta-band HSPA+
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • PTCRB certified and carrier approved as an end device
Product Description Region
MT100UCC-H5 Hepta-Band HSPA+ Embedded USB Modem
  MT100UCC-H5     Global



Datasheet:            MT100UCC-H5.pdf

UserGuide:                  AT command.pdf 

Developer Guide:        Developer Guide.pdf 

MT100UCC-H5 - Multitech USB 3G embedded module

Sku: MT100UCC-H5

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