Sku: MTR-H5-B09-AU

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Sku: MTR-H5-B09-AU

Multi-tech Rcell 100 Series, MTR-H5-B09.

Included power adapter and RF antennna


WiFi/3G to Ethernet and serial to WiFi/3G devices   



Intelligent Wireless Routers 

The MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series Intelligent Wireless Router is part of Multi-Tech Systems’ comprehensive line of routers for M2M (machine to machine) communications. Designed for any application, it provides functionality that maximizes the user experience and the assurance in knowing your router is going to perform as specified - as well as withstand the rigors of your application. The MultiConnect rCell also offers a stable lifecycle, an important consideration for M2M solutions. 


Family Features


  • Cloud Based Remote Device Management
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN connectivity
  • RS-232 serial port with Modbus support
  • Internal watchdog to prevent lock up
  • Server internval ping to prevent lock up
  • Applied Period reset feature to prevent lock up
  • Accept Remote SMS control.
  • Stateful Packet Inspection firewall with packet filter rules
  • Supports IPSec VPN tunnels for secure LAN-to-LAN access
  • 3DES and AES encryption
  • Models available with Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®
  • Models available with GPS
  • IP Passthrough
  • API
  • Two-year warranty
  • ANZ RCM approved
  • Telstra Approved


MultiConnect® rCell HSPA H6 Models

  • 3G HSPA performance
  • Frequency bands - 3G: 850/900/2100 MHz; 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Models with Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Models with GPS connectivity



WiFi as WAN

WiFi as Access Point


Cloud-based Device Management Services


Multi-Tech® Device Manager is a cloud based device management solution that simplifies and scales the management of Multi-Tech’s latest generation of networking devices.  It allows users to remotely monitor, upgrade and configure an entire device population from a single location. Whether you have one or more than 10,000 devices to manage, Multi-Tech Device Manager simplifies access to your devices, resulting in lower total cost of ownership and increased operational efficiency.



Multi-Tech Device Manager seamlessly integrates cloud based management with your Multi-Tech devices to reduce your total cost of ownership, improve productivity, increase reliability and enhance the visibility of your device performance.


The Device Manager home screen provides users a general overview on the well-being of the fleet, including map views, device charts, notifications, and actions required.



Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Device Manager can help you improve device uptime while reducing costs:


  • Upgrade firmware or configuration remotely
    • Reduce truck rolls, saving operating costs
  • Improve device uptime with WAN analytics
    • View cellular signal quality, proactively prevent outages
    • View cellular data usage, proactively detect problems


MTR-H5 Datasheet:                MTR-H5_DS.pdf

MTR-H5 UserGuide:                     MTR-H5_UG.pdf

MTR API:                                      MTR API.pdf

MTR Web manager UserGuide:    MTR Web_UG.pdf

MTR AT command:                       MTR AT_command.pdf

Device Manager User guide:       Device Manager UG.pdf

Device Manager FAQ:                  Device Manager FAQ.pdf


MTR-H5-B09-AU - Multitech WiFi+3G Router with Antenna and PSU

Sku: MTR-H5-B09-AU

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