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Sku: RHF1S020HHS-AU915SB2
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LoRaWAN Office Health VOC , Temperature, humidity, air quality sensor

RHF1S020 Series sensors are designed for indoor intelligent building and Healthy Home applications, it features excellent wireless coverage with LoRa technology, easy to deploy. This documentation describe the detail specification of Home Health Sensor.

Home Health Sensor device includes a Temperature Humidity sensor and a Volatile Organic Compound sensor. The VOC sensor requires the first sensor Temperature Humidity to compensate for its operating conditions. The ideal using case is to place the sensor in a room to detect temperature, humidity and if the air quality is in good range.

The sensor measure the Temperature Humidity,CO2 and Volatile Organic Compound data, transmit to a LoRaWAN network.



  • Home Air quality measurement
  • Office Air quality measurement
  • Warehouse Air Quality measurement
  • Hospital ari quality measurement.
  • Intelligent Building
  • Energy saving


  • RF TX power up to 19dBm, Sensitivity down to -140dBm
  • Peak -2dBi@868/915MHz, -4dBi @470MHz
  • Global LoRaWAN scheme support, plug and play for user
  • Full frequency band 470/868/915MHz available
  • Multi- Application mode , Periodic reporting mode and threshold alarm mode which are user configurable
  • Temperature with ±0.3℃ measurement tolerance and Humidity with ±3 %RH toleranceRadio Power up to 19dBm, Receiver sensitivity Down to -140dBm@SF12.
  • Enhanced dual-LED, more friendly user indication interface
  • High performance antenna design: -4dBi peak gain @470 MHz, -2dBi peak gain @868/915MHz
  • Upgrade over the air, easy for maintenance
  • Field testing mode to evaluate Network quality
  • Optimized power consumption, typical for 1 year battery life
  • 3M adhesive installation, easy to deploy


Sensor Specifications:  

Temperature & Humidity sensor parameter

Temperature Range


Temperature resolution


Temperature tolerance

±0.3℃ (0 to 65°C)

±0.5℃ (-20 to 70°C)

Temperature response time


Humidity range

0 ~ 100 %RH

Humidity resolution

0.01 %RH

Humidity tolerance

±3 %RH (10 to 90 %RH)

±4 %RH (0 to 100 %RH)

Humidity response time



  • Air quality sensor

Air quality sensor will measure the Volatile Organic Compound in the air with its sensor inside, and then calculate the relative CO2 and VOC concentration, this data is based on the change against the background , so the value maybe different according to the background air condition when it is starting up.

The table below shows the common air quality Class, and default threshold setting in RHF1S020HHS.


Air Quality


VOC Level




harm to human body













Exposure under this condition over a long period of time, may cause cancer, lungs, liver, kidney, central nervous system harm.

Irritation on eyes, noses and

throat, headache, nauseated,






Impair ability of act and thinking










Irritation on eyes, noses and throat, headache, nauseated, giddiness.

Feel tired and difficult to





Feel comfortable


LoRaWAN parameter

 Frequency plan

LoRaWAN regional optional: CN470, EU868, ID920, AS923, AU915, US915 ( Requested by order)

LoRaWAN Protocol


LoRaWAN Class

Class A

LoRaWAN Activation



Operation conditions 



Supply voltage

3.6V ½ AA Li-SOCl2, 1200mAh

Power consumption

120mA maximum, 33uA minimum

Battery life time*

Typical 1 year

 Note: * Typical using case: 20 data reports every day.


Mechanical Specifications:  


50mm x 20mm x 50mm


40g with battery
30g without battery

IP Rating



Datasheet:     RHF1S020HHS Product brief.pdf   

Documents:   RHF1S020HHS user guide  



RHF1S020HHS - LoRaWAN Office Health VOC , Temperature, humidity, air quality sensor

Sku: RHF1S020HHS-AU915SB2

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