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Sku: RHF3M485
Rising HF


Isolated RS485 to LoRaWan wireless modem

RHF3M485 is a RS485/RS232 to LoRaWan Class C transparent data forward unit, which helps user implement data communication between local end devices to LoRaWan network server, and easily achieve data cloud and data management with adequate supporting application server.

The devices will only communicate when there is data input and output and it also have a regular heartbeat interval (i.e. every hour) setting to allow the devices continue to communicate with the server 

RHF3M485 equipped with an isolated RS485 interface which withstand 1.5kVRMS isolation voltage between the interface side and UART side of the device. RHF3M485 support wide range of input power supply, makes it more suitable for the industrial environment. 



  • Industrial automatic device
  • HVAC air condition control
  • AMR
  • Wireless monitor and control
  • Intelligent home
  • Smart city
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Traditional RS485 application update



    • Comply with EIA RS485, EIA RS232 and Global LoRaWan.
    • Comply with Modbus protocol.
    • Support RS485 and RS232 communication (alternatively)
    • Auto-data transparent forwarder, auto-LoRaWan protocol.
    • High isolation RS485 interface, isolation voltage 1.5kVRMS
    • Wide range input power supply, Positive and negative Polarity automatic adaptation:
    • DC 6~55V
    • AC 6.8~48V
    • Resettable fuse in the input power line for safety.
    • Support EU433/CN470/EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/KR920 LoRaWAN protocol
    • Support LoRaWan Class A/Class C
    • Support LoRa HF/LF: 433/470/780/868/915MHz
    • LoRa TX output power 20dBm@434/470MHz, 14dBm@868/915MHz
    • LoRa Sensitivity -139dBm@434/470MHz, -137dBm@868/915MHz
    • RS485/RS232 baud rate configurable: 600bps~38.4kbps
    • Support data bits 7bit/8bit; stop bit 1bit, parity bit: None/odd/even
    • Built-in 2KB packet buffer, automatic packet segment and packet assembly.
    • Pluggable terminal for convenience of use.
    • LED for power and operation indication
    • Equipped with LoRa antenna, quick for installation.
    • ESD protection: IEC 61000-4-2 contact±4KV; Air discharge ±8K


    Datasheet:      RHF3M485 Datasheet.pdf  

    Setup guide:  RHF3M485 setup guide_ELECOM   

    Documents:    User guide 

    Documents:    RHF3M485 PROTOCOL GUIDE 

    Documents:    RHF3M485 SETUP COMMAND MANUAL 



    RisingHF - RHF3M485 Isolated RS485 to LoRaWan wireless modem

    Sku: RHF3M485

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