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Sku: TBS201-AS923


TBS‐201  Wireless  Vehicle  Detector is  a  parking  space  status  sensor  that supports LoRaWAN long‐distance wireless standard. It integrates microwave radar and geomagnetic detection  technology. It adopts advanced signal  detection  algorithm  to  accurately  realize  the  functions  of  paring  space  occupancy  detection and parking time statistics. It can transmit parking occupancy information to the cloud service platform, which has wide application prospects in smart transportation, smart community, intelligent parking and other fields.




  • High reliability: The accuracy of dual‐mode detection is 99%. Using microwave radar and geomagnetic dual‐mode detection technology, the parking space detection accuracy rate can reach 99%;
  • LoRaWan Wireless communication, built‐in battery, no wiring required, easy to install, shorten installation time
  • Easy maintenance: detachable sleeve structure
  • IP68 rated
  • 10 years battery life based on 10 cars In & out per day
  • Easy maintenance: detachable sleeve structure, battery could be replaced
  • Battery replacable
  • At least 10 tonnes resistant
  • Accuracy >99%
  • – Support PC based configuration tools
  • At least 10 tonnes resistant
  • Accuracy >99%
  • Security to use Bluetooth to switch on sensor
  • 2 level Password for control and management the sensor
  • Support remote reset, car free calibration
  • Internal log for 100 record for sensor event
  • Internal memory stored the last 10 sensing event and report back to
    system if there is network link lost.
  • Remote FW upgrade available
  • Remote configuration 
  • Support remote reset, car free calibration
  • One touch key for installation

The detector has extremely low power consumption and can work for more than 10 years. It does not require frequency maintenance and upgrades. It supports Bluetooth wireless upgrade and calibration, detachable structure design supported easy after‐sales maintenance

Working Principle

The frame and shell of a car are made of ferromagnetic material (various types of steel), which make disturbance to surrounding magnetic field. According to this characteristic, the parking sensor determines whether there is a car in the parking space by sensing the magnetic field change. With build-in dual-sensors (geomagnetic sensor and microwave sensor), powerful signal analysis and processing algorithm, the detector offers enhanced information, especially acquire complementary and optimization to the reverse sensitivity characteristics of chassis with different height. 

Compared with traditional device with single sensor, TBS-201 can greatly improve the detection accuracy and reduce information loss. The detection mechanism is show as below.

  • Geomagnetic sensor detects the magnetic field lines which distorted by ferrous metal of the vehicle, magnetic field strength obtained as the vehicle presence and movement with the magnetic sensor.

  • Microwave Radar module emits wireless modulation wave and receives the reflective signals to determine if the parking spot is occupied and vacant



Operating Frequency

AU915/ 923MHz

MaximumTransmit power


Transmission Distance 


Standards and Functions


LoRaWAN™,Class A

Vehicle Presence Accuracy


Detection Algorithm

Dual mode -Three-axis joint detection algorithm and Microwave Radar

Installation Method

Flush mount in ground

Upgrade Method

Remote upgrade

Parameters Configuration

Detect threshold, heart-beat intervals


Power-on calibration, command Calibration

State Monitor

Low-voltage alarm, disturbance alarm

Physical Parameters

Power Supply

Built-in 3.6V lithium battery

Power Switch 

External magnetic strip switch with Bluetooth and 2 level password security.

Protection Level 


Life Duration

10 years in practical applications

Operating Temperature

-40C~ 85C

Operating Humidity

< 95%


Diameter 130 mm,height 87mm




10 tonnes


Datasheet: TBS-201.pdf

User Guide: TBS-201 user Guide.pdf

Protocol Guide: TBS-201 Protocol Guide.pdf

TBS-201 - Turbo Dual mode Radar and Geomagnetic Parking Sensor

Sku: TBS201-AS923

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