Sku: SOL10P12-56B1N

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Sku: SOL10P12-56B1N
Power Supply, Battery
MSTronic Co., Ltd

10A Solar charger + POE inject + IDC output in max 10A; 



POE Input Voltage 36 to 57VDC
Solar panel Input Voltage 18V to 45VDC
Solar panel charge current 10A Max
IDC Output Voltage / current 12VDC / 10A
POE Output Voltage / current 56VDC / 0.625A
Operation temperature -40C to 60C
Dimensions 118W x 40H x 150L mm


  1. Protection:


5.1 Battery Polarity Reverse Protection:

If only battery connected to terminal, when the battery polarities were reversed, the model will stop output and REV indicator light on. When the battery be removed and re-connected to terminal, the function will be disable, if there is PoE power sources connected, when the battery polarities reversed, the fuse will be burnt.


5.2 Battery Over Discharge Protection:

Cuts off the load when the battery voltage is lower than 11V + 0.3V, and auto recover when the battery voltage returns to 12 V + 0.3V


5.3 Battery Over Charge Protection:

Fuse control, over 10A, the fuse will be burnt.


5.4 Solar Panel Polarity Reverse Protection:

When solar panel polarities be reversed, the charger stop output, it won’t damage the charger or end device


5.5 Solar Panel Over Charge Protection:

When charge current over 10A, the fuse will be burnt.


5.6 Output Short Circuit Protection:

When the rear output terminal or PoE output be short circuit, protection be active, the product stop output and auto-recover when the terminal back to normal connection.


5.7 Battery Output Current Limit:

The fuse will be burnt when battery output current over 10A


5.8 Load Output Voltage Limit:

The output voltage of the rear terminal is the same as battery.


Datasheet: SOL10P12-56BDN.pdf


SOL10P12-56B1N - 10A Solar Charger + POE injector

Sku: SOL10P12-56B1N

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